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Phantom of the Opera at Disney

In 1989, Roger performed his haunting and powerful arrangement of the Phantom of the Opera at Disney’s Epcot Center. He surprised the audience when he appeared dressed up as the phantom!

Listen and enjoy with the exciting recording below.

If you would like to own the CD of Phantom of the Opera, it is available on Phantom of the Opera and The Roger Williams Collection.

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Carter Center Birthday Piano Marathon

On October 1st 2004, Roger Williams and Former President Jimmy Carter mutually shared their 80th birthday at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. As tradition on his birthday, Roger played songs requested by the audience in a fully improvised piano marathon. On this day, he broke his own record and played for a full thirteen and a half hours.

Enjoy a short excerpt here from that day when Roger performed Autumn Leaves and Happy Birthday to himself and the president! You can also watch a 1 hour video of that day in the ‘videos’ section of this website.